Frequently Asked Questions


1. If I pay online what do I bring on Picture Day?

A printed receipt is not necessary – we match up these orders to pictures based off the data you share with us while ordering.

2. Picture Day has passed can I still order pictures?

Online picture orders can be placed at any time. Late Orders may not be delivered prior to retake day.

3. When do I get my pictures?

All pictures will be mailed to the address given during checkout. This process takes about 2 weeks from picture day but once our lab processes the photos is expedited closer to one week. 

4. I don’t like my picture can I retake them?

Absolutely! All schools will have a retake day. The dates will be posted on
the schools website after picture delivery(about 4-5 weeks after picture day). Please have student bring the complete
package back to school on retake day.

5. How do I order more pictures?

If you would like to order more pictures this can be done online using your schools online code or using their student ID number once proof purchasing is available(2-3 weeks after school photo day).

6. If I have a question regarding any other items do I contact my school?

No please contact us regarding all picture questions. You can contact us by email at customercare@cidmphoto.com